SIP Russia, rub VoIP

Virtual PBX from Russia. We are based in Russia. Our own cloud PBX works in a fully automatic mode. After logging in you will get a system accounts for making calls. Tariffing happens in real time.
You can call from any VoIP equipment. Webmoney, Visa / MC, soon PayPal.

basic services: Callback from site, Fax from site, Calls to Russia and other countries on the SIP.
NB. Recharge in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date

Communication with the world

Call in Russia, Asia and the United States at low rates

price form:

Enter phone number:
for example: 1 800 555 55 55
Full price in Russian rubles
Is DosGO for me?
Save big on your international calls (for Russian phone especially)
Free phone calls using your smartphone

Free function

Call other DosGO users for free
Conference FREE!

Any device

  • Softphone
  • Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • VoIP gate
  • PBX
  • Land Phone

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But what if you don't have a smartphone? You can still use DosGO!